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WESMAR are the world leader in sonar design and innovative fishing electronics, the inventor of the dual prop counter rotating bow thruster and the electronic gyro powered roll fin stabilizers. WESMAR have also earned a reputation as a recognized supplier of off-the-shelf marine sonar equipment for waterside security.
WESMAR’s product line is a revolution in progress, spanning 3.5 decades, not only keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology, but helping to push that advance. WESMAR’s product line includes:

~ Hydraulic and Electric Counter Rotating Dual Prop Bow Thrusters
~ Scanning Sonar for Commercial Fishing
~ Trawl Catch Sonars for Net and Gear Monitoring
~ Side Scan Sonars for Underwater Search and Recovery
~ Video Down Sounders
~ Sonars for Waterside Security and Underwater Mine
~ Search and Recovery
Electronic Gyro Roll Fin Stabilizers

Founded in 1965, WESMAR is widely recognized as the leading US company in advanced marine sonar systems for commercial fishing and defense applications, and a leader in the design of vessel bow thrusters and roll stabilizers. WESMAR sonars are operating in all the major fisheries of the world, and as commercial off-the-shelf systems for military and security applications. The Mechanical Division produces innovative Bow Thrusters and Roll Fin Stabilizers for yachts and workboats.