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Carretera Puigpunyent 78, Locale 6, Poligono Can Valero, 07011, Palma de Mallorca
Tel: (+34) 971 25 3006 Fax: (+34) 971 25 3007



Our business will continue to be built around forming good relationships with our clients, partners, employees and the local communities.

The ethos of creating a partnership with the individual customer is of paramount importance to the way in which LM conducts itself and how this is applied in working practice.

We recognise that every customer, boat, job and installation will differ, therefore a policy has been created to work with and alongside our clients in order to give them the most viable and economical solution.

As a company we wish to continue building on our well established reputation within this industry. Our clients can be confident that their requirements will be met in an efficient and cost effective manner. Having built and established solid relationships with shipyards across Europe we are able to offer each individual boat the professional service it requires in its most convenient location. As with the creation of any company, we have a vested interest in speaking with potential new clients, as well as those we have worked with in the past to explain exactly what direction LM is taking and what services we can offer.

To this end, we are in the process of making as many people as possible aware, that although LM may be relatively new, our workforce comprises of experienced and dedicated individuals who are very much abreast with all the latest technological and practical developments in their field.