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Nautical Structures' Overhead Beam Cranes
Nautical Structures Overhead Beam Cranes are also designed state of the art. With over four systems delivered to our credit, two systems currently under production and several projects pending our beam cranes are fast becoming a more standard product in our line. Our cost efficiency to produce this equipment is second to none.      

Produced in capacities of up to 8000 pounds per beam, or greater, our system is designed to integrate into the overheads of both metal and grp constructed vessels. Custom heavy-wall aluminum extrusions were developed and produced to allow our structure a relative low-profile, and yet still out-reach greater distances with a minimum of beam deflection.

We offer this equipment in both mono-beam as well as telescoping-beam construction, full-beam systems. The Hydraulic Linear Winch System is utilized for both cable-handling as well as beam-traversing. The benefit of our linear winch technology is both in its inherit safety, its superior operating characteristics, and near-silent operation. With the Hydraulic Linear Winch System the specified cable payout is met, and limited in both directions, eliminating the possibility of a two-blocked condition. We install a tensioning system to eliminate dangerous traverse backlash.

Our proportional control system allows the operator to feather the hoisting speed for absolute control of the load. Both beams may be operated in unison with one joy-stick, or independently with one joy-stick for each beam.