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Few can match the hydraulic design characteristic of the WESMAR Hydraulic packages. Quiet, reliable, and state of the art are just a few buzz words that come to mind. WESMAR's hydraulic system come fully documented including drawings both isometric and schematic for all levels of hydraulic support in the field. Flow meters and pressure gauges are standard protocol. All hydraulic systems are pre tested and calibrated for flow and pressure.

We use state of the art Load Sense Pumps that can be operated from main engines, marine gears, generators, and auxiliary drives or even AC motors. The Control Valves can be fully proportional or on/off in nature and include a manual override as standard.

A Typical hydraulic System could operate the following components: WESMAR's bow and stern thrusters, WESMAR stabilizer systems, winches, cranes, davits, hydraulic doors, hatches, passerrelles, ladders or steering gear. The design characteristic of the WESMAR Custom hydraulic systems allow for easy bolts additions of other hydraulic functions at any time. A customized package including all components, fittings and hoses can be supplied upon request.

Load Sensing Pump: Variable speed pump adjusts to load requirements. Pre-calibrated and tested for pressure and flow.
Pressure Compensated Flow Control Manifold: Pre-tested and calibrated for pressure and flow, built-in manual override with optional proportional control.
Reservoir: Aluminum tank equipped with two suction ports, sight glass, breather/filler cap, temperature gauge, low level switch, tank mounting brackets, return line filter, and is painted yacht white.
Accessory Kit: Includes ball valves, check valves, flow meter, pressure gauge, and pump fittings.
High Pressure Filter: Bracketed in-line filter assembly, equipped with spare filter element.
Heat Exchanger: Pre-mounted to the reservoir, sized to meet the hydraulic requirements.